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Letters from Our Clients

-the mixture to prepare bread has been the weekend the closest memory I had to my gluten days! and the batter... What a delight! You brought back the possibility of breading Milanese and enjoying every bite. I am immensely grateful and wanted them to know this way. I don't know them, nor you me, but they have gotten into my life and what a surprise!

The taste is excellent, it is very well achieved. The indications are simple, easy to understand and the graphics more than clear. The texture... no talking! Everything went as expected! Delicious, fast and without surprises.not you, but you've gotten into my life and wow, what a surprise!

I want to point out that I am total null in the kitchen, and today I dared to make the bread according to their indications and I recognize that I have eaten and will continue doing all week, the best bread since I was diagnosed celiac.

Thank you for thinking of us. Thank you for putting excitement and flavor to my table again. With your help, doing the diet is much easier.

I am happy to see that finally we have in hand a product derived from sorghum.